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Multi-Style Modular System Super Utility Everyday Backpack.

MX-GEAR™ SLIDER PACK is designed with your urban lifestyle in mind. With 8 different carrying modes, modular cases and pouches, MX-GEAR™ expands your imagination of carrying in your choice and your style.


Most bags on the market only change the placement of the bags, either on your back or your shoulders. The unique MX-GEAR™ design not only changes the carrying style but also modulates your daily carrying needs.  You can organize your items with different size bags and configure your backpack, your way. The modular plug-in design makes the placement and expansion easy.  A true super-utility backpack you can wear any way you want to.


Big & Small Bags Perform Their Duties. Most bags on the market focus on the inner bag design, but no matter how the inner bag is changed, the size and appearance of the outer bag are always the same, which causes inconvenience in carrying. The MX-GEAR™ is an original package that categorizes and modularizes the contents. Each module can be used independently so that the items don’t need to be stuck in one bag, and the daily carrying needs are split.

  • MX-PACK (Main Bag) x1
  • MX-CASE (Horizontal small bag) x1
  • MX-POUCH (Vertical mall bag) x1
  • MOLLE system shoulder strap pad set x1
  • Chest Strap x1
  • Main Bag Strap x1
  • Small Bag Strap x2
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